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Controlled Hunter Access Program

CHAP is a cooperative effort between private landowners and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. Landowners who enroll in CHAP have more control over hunter activities on their land; including controlling the amount of hunter use at a given time, setting special provisions for use, placing restrictions on big game species and game retrieval.

online reservations to hunt chap lands

Hunters are able to reserve a spot to hunt on select CHAP areas in South Dakota. As a convenience for hunters and landowners, this system allows hunters to reserve permission to hunt, up to 8 days in advance, on lands leased for public hunting access through CHAP.

Enrollment and payment details

Landowners with 1,000 or more acres receive an enrollment payment of $250 flat base payment plus $6/hunter-day for each hunter day of use. In addition, landowners are eligible for bonus payments per hunter day. Landowners with under 1,000 acre receive $6/hunter-day of use. In addition,landowners are eligible for bonus payment per hunter day.

More Information

Learn more about the guidelines and enrollment details, types of bonuses and more.

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