Group Lodges

The group lodge facilities at Shadehill, Mina Lake, Newton Hills, Oahe Downstream, Palisades, Lake Thompson Sheps Canyon may be reserved one year in advance through the reservation center.

  • All fees are based on a per-night fee.
  • Add $17 for each additional person.
  • Checkout time for lodges is 11 a.m.
Lodge Sleeps Fee
Lake Thompson Recreation Area 12 $240
Mina Lake Recreation Area 8 $185
Newton Hills State Park 12 $240
Oahe Downstream Recreation Area   $125
Palisades State Park 12 $240
Shadehill Recreation Area 10 $185
Sheps Canyon Recreation Area 12 $240

Picnic Shelters / Barracks / Tents

Picnic shelter reservations are accepted within 90 days of your arrival (except at Custer).

Picnic Shelter: $20 (reservation fee)
Kitchenette Shelter: $50 (Fort Sisseton)
Kitchenette Shelter: $50 (Pierson Ranch)
South Barracks: $300 per weekend (Fort Sisseton)
Event Tent (40 x 100 feet): $150/day, two-day minimum (Fort Sisseton)
Event Tent (40 x 100 feet) off-site: $1,000, plus $2 per mile over 25 miles (Fort Sisseton)