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Boat Ramps

Park Permit: Required
Boat license and registration: Required
Boat numbering: Required
Boating hours: Operation is not permitted between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise unless proper navigation lights are displayed.

Boat Ramp Status

Boating Safety, Rules & Regulations


Home to hundreds of lakes and natural waterways, from the mountain lakes of the Black Hills and the manmade "Great Lakes of South Dakota," to the Missouri River and Big Sioux River, as well as a multitude of rivers, tributaries, streams, and creeks, South Dakota's park system includes around 300 boat ramps.

Accessible Boat Ramps

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to catch "the big one," ADA accessible fishing docks have been installed in several state parks. These floating piers feature low railings, wheelchair accessible ramps, sidewalks and nearby parking.

Other accessible GFP fishing areas include piers on the LaFramboise Island causeway near Pierre, Lake Oahe tailwaters near Pierre, Mirror Lake and Coxes Lake near Spearfish, Ravine Lake near Huron and Lake Mitchell near Mitchell on the west end of the fishing bridge.

Boat Ramp Courtesy

Prevent boat ramp traffic jams by practicing common courtesies at the ramp.

  • Prepare in advance: Get the boat ready for launching (or the drive home) away from the ramp.
  • It takes two: Launching and retrieving the vessel requires a minimum of two experienced people - one to drive the towing vehicle and one to operate the boat.
  • Do NOT block the ramp: Never block a ramp with an unattended vessel or vehicle. Move the vessel away from the launch lane immediately after removing it from the trailer.
  • Patience in the launch lane: When retrieving your boat, do not pull into a launch lane until the towing vehicle is at the ramp.