The Outdoor Campus - East

Teacher Information

  • Field Trips with Activities - The Outdoor Campus mails out three seasonal brochures; fall, winter, and spring, during the school year. If you would like to have a brochure sent directly to you, please give us a call and make that request at 605.362.2777 or e-mail
  • Field Trip on your own - We would love to have you and your classes spend time here at TOC, even if we are not directly involved with your activities. You must call ahead and find out if there are scheduled programs being run that day.
  • Bus Driver Information - When you arrive at our front door please unload passengers and then continue around the circle and park in the bus parking area at the east edge of the parking lot.
  • Teacher Resources & Critter Crates - The Outdoor Campus has several critter crates available to teachers. Crates contain artifacts and some suggested activities.
  • Teacher Workshops - Professional development opprtunites are available through Project Wild and other.