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 The Outdoor Campus - East

The Butterfly Garden at the Outdoor Campus

outdoor campus entranceThe South Dakota Federated Garden Clubs joined forces in 1998 to put in a beautiful butterfly garden on the south side of The Outdoor Campus. In the spring of 1998, the South Dakota Federation of Garden Clubs received an incentive grant of $500 from Shell Oil Company and the National Council of State Garden Clubs to establish the garden. The grant was made available by the Protect the Environment Through Action, Learning and Service (PETALS) program.

Butterfly education in the butterfly gardenSome 3,250 hours and over 220 volunteers later, volunteers produced a garden that every butterfly would be proud to call home. Perennials and annuals, carefully researched for their food value, virtually covered a garden 110' by 55'. Volunteers didn't stop at just the butterflies, however. They also planned and planted an entire section for the caterpillars. The garden boasts both host plants for the caterpillars as well as nectar sources for the butterflies.

"It's a great place to visit and just fantastic with gorgeous flowers" - from the guest register at The Outdoor Campus, signed by Donald and Marie Brown, Centerville, SD

"I LOVE the Butterfly Garden" - from the guest register at The Outdoor Campus, signed by Audrey Pankratz, student from Sioux Falls


Visitors walking through the 6,000 square foot garden will find all kinds of South Dakota butterflies.