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How to Build a Butterfly Garden

What Does it take to feed butterflies?
It takes both food for the butterflies, as well as food for the caterpillars that will become butterflies!


Host Plants

Black Swallowtail dill, carrot, parsley
Giant Swallowtail prickly ash
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Ash
Cabbage Butterfly cabbage, mustards, cauliflower
Clouded Sulphur clovers
Alfalfa Butterfly alfalfa, clovers
Melissa Blue lupines, alfalfa, wild licorice
Variegated Fritillary violets, pansy
Great Spangled Fritillary violets
Pearl Crescent asters
Mourning Cloak willows, American elm, hackberry
Painted Lady thistles
Viceroy willows
Hackberry Butterfly hackberry trees
monarch milkweed

Nectar Sources for Butterflies in Zones 3 and 4

Alyssum Aster Bee Balm Butterfly Bush
Cosmos Daisies Daylilies Dill
Dogbane Fennel Geranium Goldenrod
Heliotrope Hibiscus Hollyhock Honeysuckle
Impatiens Lantana Lilac Lilies
Marigold Nasturtium Parsley Petunia
Phlox Primrose Pussy Willow Sedum
Snapdragon Spirea Sumac Viburnum
Violets Weigelia Zinnia
Enjoying Butterflies!
Here are some more hints for creating your own butterfly garden!