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nonresident waterfowl application

The dates, unit boundaries and bag limits for this season are set in late July. This season could by anytime in September. Information will be published in the Hunting Handbook, available online or by mail in early September.

Applicants may receive:

  • No more than one Nonresident Waterfowl License before Nov. 1.
  • Beginning Nov. 1, there is no limit to the number of Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses a hunter may possess.
  • Applicants are also eligible for one Nonresident September Canada Goose license, which does not count against the quota of regular Nonresident Waterfowl licenses.

Nonresident September Canada Goose Information
Tundra Swan Information

  • Season Dates:
    Nonresident Waterfowl- See application for specific details -

Nonresident waterfowl unit maps

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