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august management take for canada geese

South Dakota Residents Only

Season Dates: August 16-31

Open Area: Brookings, Brown, Clark, Codington, Day, Deuel, Hamlin, Hanson, Hutchinson, Grant, Kingsbury, Lake, Lincoln, Marshall, McCook, Miner, Minnehaha, Moody, Roberts, Spink, Turner and Union counties and Pennington county west of the Cheyenne River.

Daily Bag Limit: 15 Canada Geese

Possession Limit: None

License Requirement:

  • Annual resident Small Game or Combination license
  • AND State Migratory Bird Certification.
  • Federal stamp is not required.

Shooting Hours: 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset

All other restrictions are the same as for the regular goose season, including nontoxic shot requirements.

Waterfowl Hunting Tools

  • Waterfowl population index / hunting opportunity thunderstorm map.

    The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks will be updating this map to assist hunters with their scouting and hunting of waterfowl. The map will be updated on a weekly basis by area GFP field staff.

  • Public Hunting Areas: We offer over 1 million acres of Walk-In Areas (private land leased for public hunting) to supplement our many other public hunting opportunities.
  • Hunter Harvest Survey Reports: A scientific sampling of hunters is taken after many hunting seasons. The information you provide is not only valuable to our biologists, but is good background information for you on the past year.

Attention Canada
Goose Hunters!

Your participation can help reduce the Canada Goose population and help Sportsmen Against Hungers' campaign to feed the hungry!

Help feed the hungry with Sportsmen Against Hungers' goose donation program. Geese taken from August 16-31 and September 1-19 may be donated to these participating processors. FREE - it does not cost you to donate your geese! View Sportsmen Against Hunger website for a list of participating processors.

Did You Know?

Resident Canada goose numbers have shown an increasing trend since the early 1990's in South Dakota and are monitored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's annual May Breeding Waterfowl Survey. This survey showed a spring population index of 270,000 Canada geese in South Dakota during 2012. The most recent 3-year average (2008-2010) is 143,000 birds. This is significantly higher than our management plan goal of 80,000-90,000. These large numbers of resident Canada geese are causing significant crop depredation in eastern South Dakota. The August Management Take is a tool intended to help reduce the Canada goose population. An estimated 30,300 Canada geese were harvested during the 2011 August Management Take.

Youth Waterfowl

Besides the opportunity to introduce young people to waterfowl hunting during the regular seasons, a weekend is set aside for youth hunting. Also, adults may take youth as young as 10 years hunting through the Mentored Hunt program.

Nontoxic Shot

Approved nontoxic shot includes steel shot, bismuth-tin, tungsten-polymer, tungsten-matrix, and any combination of tungsten-iron-nickel-tin-copper-bismuth. Coated lead shot does not qualify as nontoxic shot. Tom Roster's Nontoxic Shot Lethality Table © 2012

Antelope Island Restrictions

The Antelope Island area* south of Pierre on Lake Sharpe has the following restrictions:

*The area within the water's edge from a north-south line across Lake Sharpe through the dredged channel at the east end of Hipple Lake, downstream to the north-south line across the reservoir 100 yards east of the easternmost emergent vegetation on Antelope Island.