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Volunteer Hunter Program

This program was developed to provide a list of hunters willing to harvest antelope, deer, turkey or Canada geese on private land and to enable landowners to contact those hunters directly.

Hunters enter their own information directly on the Web. GFP acts only as a host for the list of hunters and plays no active role in this program.

The list is accessed by landowners who may contact hunters directly if they wish to have these individuals hunt on their land.

Names are deleted from the Volunteer Hunter system each year. If you wish to be a part of the current hunting season included in the volunteer hunter program you will need to register again after the first drawing for that particular hunting season are complete.

HUNTING SEASON Approx Date Signup Begins
Canada Goose August Take July 11
West River Deer August 15
Antlerless Archery Deer September 12
Youth Deer August 15
Fall Turkey August 10
Antelope August 20
Muzzleloader Deer September 25
East River Deer September 25


If you are interested in contacting a hunter who has indicated a desire to harvest antelope, deer, turkey or Canada geese in your county, please follow this link:


To participate in this program you must already hold a valid hunting license.
Log in to the system and verify your license(s).


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