Partridge (Gray & Chukar)

Season Dates: Sept. 20, 2014 - Jan 4, 2014
Open Area: Statewide
Daily Limit: 5
Possession Limit: 15

Gray and chukar partridge are relatives of the pheasant, and also a transplant from Eurasia.

The gray, or Hungarian, partridge has a rusty colored face, and a gray chest with a dark colored U-shaped blotch on their belly. Their beak is dark and legs gray.

The chukar is similar with a red bill and feet and a black necklace.

Partridge can be found in grassy and agricultural areas, especially where there are shelterbelts and woodlots. They are jumpy and may flush in groups at some distance. A good hunting dog can be very helpful in getting on a covey of partridge.

Partridge Hunter Harvest Distribution Map

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