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Hunting Regulations: A summary of the rules and regulations that guide your hunt.

Public Hunting Areas: We offer over 1 million acres of Walk-In Areas (private land leased for public hunting) to supplement our many other public hunting opportunities. Not only can you access these maps, but we offer options to personalize maps to meet your needs and even download map information to your GPS unit.


According to the GFP book Wild Mammals of South Dakota, the opportunistic coyote is located throughout the state in almost every habitat. Coyote tend to be secretive and are most active from dusk to dawn. They often rest during the day and only move when disturbed. They remain active throughout the winter.

The western half of South Dakota is where most of the hunting occurs. Western South Dakota offers rough river breaks and larger private holdings - terrain well-suited for coyote hunting.

There are some large tracts of public land open to hunting in the western half of the state. But private land, especially land located along the western river drainages (White, Bad, Cheyenne, Moreau, Grand) offers the best hunting.

Permission from landowners is needed before hunting on private land.

Coyote Volunteers

If you are a coyote hunter and wish to add your name to a list of hunters looking for private lands on which to hunt coyotes, or if you are a landowner you can access the list of volunteer coyote hunters.

National Grasslands

National Grassland areas in western South Dakota, managed by the US Forest Service, are popular hunting destinations. If this is your destination, please contact these grassland offices for information on travel restrictions.

Tribal Lands

Native American Tribal lands also host coyote hunting opportunities.

State licenses are not valid on tribal trust lands, unless authorized by the tribal council. Individual tribes may require a tribal permit to hunt on their lands. Contact the individual tribes to find out what licenses they offer and the cost.

Not all the land inside the South Dakota reservations is under tribal jurisdiction. If you hunt on private land deeded to non-Indians you must have a state license.


Sylvatic plague has been detected in some counties in South Dakota.More information is available on this and other wildlife related diseases...