Spring Turkey - Leftover Licenses

The third draw for 2014 Spring Turkey is complete. Leftovers are listed below.

Leftover Licenses - An individual may have an unlimited number of licenses for this season in any unit or any combination of units. They will be issued first-come, first-served either online or by mailing in an application. This process will begin on Mar. 21.

County Indicators

Last Modified: April 18, 2014 6:46 AM
The leftover numbers are subject to change since this list was posted on above date.

Choice Available
02A35 210
13A32 55
15A35 122
20A32 18
21A35 56
24A32 40
27A35 23
31A35 130
35A32 49
41A32 33
49A35 59
50A32 153
53A35 61
65A35 43
67A32 43

Spring Turkey Application