Limited Issue Licenses

Including Big Game, Nonresident Waterfowl, and Paddlefish

Limited issue licenses, as the name implies, are restricted to a certain number of hunters, or a certain number of animals to be harvested by an individual. All of these licenses require an application. Here's the process:

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Pronghorn Antelope

Archery Antelope July No deadline 2014 Season TBD
Firearms Antelope July Aug. 8 2014 Season TBD
Custer State Park Antelope July Aug. 8 2014 Season TBD


Special Buck (East River) late March April 18 2014 Season TBD
Special Buck (West River) late March April 18 2014 Season TBD
Custer State Park Deer (resident only) June July 18 2014 Season TBD
Youth Deer June No deadline 2014 Season TBD
Archery Deer June No deadline 2014 Season TBD
Black Hills Deer June July 18 2014 Season TBD
West River Deer
& West River Landowner Deer
June July 18 2014 Season TBD
East River Deer (resident)
& East River Landowner Deer
June Aug. 29 2014 Season TBD
East River Deer (nonresident) Oct. 10 2014 Season TBD
Muzzleloader Deer June August 29 2014 Season TBD
National Wildlife Refuge Deer June August 29 Varies by refuge

Resident-only Elk, Bighorn Sheep & Mountain Goat

All Resident-only Elk May May 23 Oct. 1-30, 2014 Oct. 16-31 & Dec. 1-15, 2014
Archery Elk early May May 23 Sept. 1 30, 2014
Custer State Park Elk May May 23 Sept. 20 Oct. 5, 2014
Prairie Elk May May 23 Varies by unit
Resident-only Black Hills Bighorn Sheep May May 16 2014 Season TBD
Resident-only Custer State Park Bighorn Sheep No season No season
All Resident-only Mt. Goat No season No season


Spring Turkey (Black Hills) February No deadline April 12 May 18, 2014
Spring Turkey (Prairie and Custer State Park) January Feb. 14 April 12 May 18, 2014, varies by unit
Spring Turkey (Archery) February No deadline April 5 May 18, 2014
All Fall Prairie Turkey late June July 19 2014 Season TBD


Nonresident Fall Waterfowl June July 11 See application for specific details
Tundra Swan June Aug. 8 2014 Season TBD
Special Canada Goose June July 11 2014 Season TBD


Mountain Lion November No deadline Dec. 26, 2013 Mar. 31, 2014, or ends with quota
Mentored Hunts (resident only) February No deadline Varies by unit
Gavins Point Dam Paddlefish (archery & snagging) January May 16 Oct. 1 Oct. 31, 2014
Lake Francis Case Paddlefish (snagging) January Feb. 15 May 1 May 31
Resident Big Game Depredation No deadline If needed
Custer State Park Trophy Bison Early Aug. - Online Only Sept. 4 Nov. 25 - Jan. 3, 2014
Up to 3 days as scheduled, excluding holidays and weekends
Custer State Park Non-Trophy Bison Mid July - Online Only Aug. 7 Oct. 5 - Nov. 22. 1-day as scheduled.

Friday dates listed above represent paper application deadlines. Online applications are accepted until 8 a.m. Central Time the following Wednesday.

For 2nd and 3rd application deadlines (if available), see the respective application via the above links.

For "No Deadilne" license, applicants may purchase a license throughout the season by applying to the License Office in Pierre either online or through the mail. Please allow ample time (7-10 business days) for the license to be processed and mailed to you before you leave for your hunt. These licenses are not sold at any other GFP office.

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