Hunting, Fishing and Furbearer Licenses

There are essentially two classes of hunting, fishing and furbearer licenses: general and limited.

General licenses

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(Fishing, Small Game, Combination, Furbearer, Predator/Varmint, Migratory Bird). General licenses are available in unlimited quantities and are sold through over four-hundred agent locations across the state, or they can be purchased online.

Limited Issue Licenses

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(Deer, Antelope, Elk, Mt. Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Turkey, Waterfowl, Mt. Lion, Paddlefish) Limited issue licenses are usually issued through a lottery application process. You can submit a paper application by mail, or apply online.

Disabled Hunter Licenses

  • Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing card for persons with total disability and certain veterans - South Dakota residents who qualify and are approved will be issued a Disabled/Veteran Hunting and Fishing Card for a $10 fee. Persons with Developmental Dissabilities - South Dakota residents who qualify and are approved will be issued a Developmentally Disabled Fishing Card for a $10 fee.
    - Total Disability Reduced Fee Application (Developmentally disabled applications will not be processed until the rule is put into effect, these licenses will be mailed from the licensing office around mid June)
    - Veterans Disability Reduced Fee Application
  • Disabled Hunter Permit - allows a qualified hunter to lawfully shoot game animals from a stationary motor vehicle (normally illegal).
  • Designated Shooter - The applicant may designate one shooter to legally hunt or take game on their behalf.

Nursing Facility Group Fishing License

Application Requirements:

  • Nursing homes applying for this license must be licensed by the state as a nursing facility.
  • The license only applies to permanent residents of the nursing home. It does not apply to staff or employees of the nursing home.
  • Daily limits for individuals participating in the group fishing license shall be the same as for resident fishing licenses.
  • Cost of the license is $35.
  • Nursing homes wishing to apply for this license should send a request on their company letterhead to the Licensing Office, 20641 SD Hwy 1806, Ft. Pierre, SD 57532. The letter must contain the Nursing Home license number for the facility and the number of beds in the facility.