The 20 minute angler

The 20 Minute Angler is a web based show featuring quick, simple fishing trips in South Dakota.

Even people who love to fish have many things competing for their time today. It's easy to think we cannot fish because we don't have enough time for it. But with just a little planning and even twenty minutes, we can indeed wet a line much more often than we think.

One doesn't need an entire weekend or even a whole afternoon to pass on to their kids the pleasures of fishing. In fact, shorter outings usually work better with kids' shorter attention anyway.

Chris Hull - The 20 Minute Angler

Episode 1: The Pilot

Episode 2: Northern Pike

Episode 3: white bass bonanza

Episode 4: finding some walleyes

Episode 5: custer state park trout

Episode 6: Smelting

Episode 7: Oahe smallmouth

Episode 8: Exploding Rods & Stampeding Buffalo


Episode 9: bluegills with mason & drew


Episode 10: setline fishing


Episode 11: toys and walleyes


episode 12: oahe pike

20 Minute Angler Tips

  • Use the GFP Shorefishing Map to find locations near you. GFP Shorefishing Map
  • Keep a small fishing rod and some gear in your vehicle.
  • Keep it simple - don't overthink the strategy.
  • Keep going - you're not going to catch a limit every day.

Tips for taking kids fishing

  • Keep it short - attention spans are short and so should your outings be.
  • Be sure to have food, drinks and treats available.
  • Let them play, its all about the experience of having fun in the outdoors.

gear should include

  • Hooks, splitshots and bobbers.
  • Jigheads - a few of various weights each, and a small package of twister tail bodies.
  • A mepps/rooster tail spinner or two.
  • A shallow running Rapala type lure.
  • A casting spoon like a small daredevil.
  • At least one beatle spin type lure.

Boating Safety and Regulations

Please follow these rules for a safe and enjoyable time on the water.

Protect our Waters

Aquatic nuisance species threaten threaten our lakes and steams, and can spoil everyone's enjoyment of the water.

Public Fishing Waters

Want to know where to fish, and how to get on the water? Check out this guide.


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