Lewis & Clark Lake Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Lewis and Clark Lake Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Regulations (For more information on Missouri River Regulations, see 2014 Fishing Handbook, pages 16-18)

*These regulations apply to waters of the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam upstream to Fort Randall Dam.

  • Smallmouth/Largemouth Bass (in any combination)-5 fish daily/10 Possession
  • There are no minimum length restrictions for this portion of the river

Largemouth bass are annually sampled by electrofishing backwater areas in the Niobrara Delta. In 2013 number of largemouth per hour of electrofishing was below average; however anglers reported good catch rates of quality sized fish. Traditionally, the best largemouth bass angling on Lewis and Clark Lake has been found in backwater areas of the Niobrara Delta containing aquatic vegetation.

Smallmouth bass are abundant throughout the reservoir from Gavins Point Dam to the Fort Randall Dam tailwater. Most of the population is young and tends to be on the small side; however, some smallmouth bass near 18 inches are sampled each year.

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