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TAGGED salmon

Biologists with the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks are investigating how stocking salmon at different locations might improve the survival and angler catches of Chinook salmon. The GFP is asking for your help and it could earn you $100!

How to submit:

  • A small wire tag, only a millimeter long and the diameter of human hair, has been implanted in the head of thousands of Chinook salmon on Lake Oahe.
  • This tag is invisible to the angler, but tagged fish can be identified by the absense of the adipose fin (see below)
  • Turn in the fresh or frozen head of that salmon at the GFP Fort Pierre District Office, West Whitlock Recreation Area, Oahe Marina, Spring Creek Resort & Deep Water Marina and Carl's Bait Shop.
  • You will be asked to include name, address, telephone number and date/location of catch.
  • You will be entered into a drawing for each salmon that contains a tag. Ten, $100 rewards will be issued each calendar year. Maximum 3 rewards per person.
  • Submit Form >


  • Fort Pierre District Office
    20641 SD Hwy 1806
    Ft Pierre, SD 57532
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