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Blue Dog lake State Fish Hatchery

Stocking is an important part of managing South Dakota fisheries and Blue Dog Hatchery has helped to fill that role since 1982. Up to fourteen species of fish have been raised at the hatchery. Most of the hatchery’s efforts are focused on raising walleye, yellow perch, muskellunge, and largemouth bass.

Blue Dog Lake State Fish Hatchery Quick Facts

  • Located on the northwest shore of Blue Dog Lake and contains a boat ramp, hiking trail, and shore fishing locations.
  • 100 million walleye eggs are incubated and 60 million fish are produced each year for stocking across South Dakota.
  • 36 ponds, totaling 53 surface acres of water, are used for fish production.
  • A complex water supply system equipped with filtration allows lake or well water to be used for fish production.
  • A water heating system allows yellow perch and largemouth bass to be grown during winter months.


  • The best time to view walleye eggs and newly hatched fry is the second week of May.
  • Open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Reservations are recommended
  • If your organization or class is interested in learning more about the hatchery or in reserving a guided tour, contact:
  • Blue Dog Lake State Fish Hatchery
    44437 139A Street
    Waubay, SD 57273











Left to right: Icubating walleye eggs, close up of fry, net of small fingerlings harvested from a hatchery pond


Left to right: Musky harvested from a hatchery pond, overwintered largemouth bass, yellow perch



Blue Dog State Fish Hatchery

Aerial view of rearing ponds at Blue Dog Hatchery.

Blue Dog Hatchery

Educational displays inside the building. The exhibits illustrate the steps involved in the walleye egg
collection process as well as describing many other ecological and fish facts.

Fish Spawning

Fish spawning and production takes place each spring on selected South Dakota waters. These video highlights the work our biologists do to supplement natural reproduction of walleye and salmon.