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South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks is always seeking new ways to promote our great outdoors heritage and to reach those who engage in these activities or those who are seeking more information on everything South Dakota has to offer outdoors.

Along with the popular "Twenty Minute Angler" episodes, GF&P produces videos of events, GFP employees at work and many other interesting things.

Other Video Sources

GFP at work

Deer Management and Research Updates

Possible Oahe Atlantic Salmon Stocking

Backyard Birding & Landscaping for Wildlife

Rocky Boy Bighorn Relocate

Dangerous "Drowning Machine" Dams

Oahe Downstream Shooting Range

S.D. Turkey Trap and Transfer - 2013

Spearfish Creek Trout Study - 2011

South Dakota's Flying Fish Invasion - 2012

S.D. Bighorn Sheep Capture - 2011


outdoor tips & adventures

Pierre Youth Goose Hunt - 2012
Public Land Goose Adventure - 2011

Packing Out Big Game (Part 1) - 2011

Packing Out Big Game (Part 3) - 2011

Packing Out Big Game (Part 2) - 2011

Packing Out Big Game (Part 4) - 2011