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#SDintheField is all about hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences, according to you and what you love to do in South Dakota. So hunters, anglers, trappers and other outdoor enthusiasts, listen up! Please share your hunting, fishing and outdoor memories with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all three.

  • As you post, be sure to use #SDintheField because we will also share them and you and your friends will also see them here: Tagboard | GFP Website


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Smartphone Apps

Hunt/Fish App Logo Hunting and Fishing App
This app allows users to view hunting and fishing regulations, apply for hunting or fishing licenses, view maps of public hunting and fishing opportunities and more. FREE for Android and iPhone. Search SDGFP Outdoors in either store.

Available for Android

Available for Android

Pocket Ranger Mobile App State Parks Pocket Ranger App
This app allows users access to park information, upcoming events, news, weather conditions and geographic landmarks before and during trips to the park grounds. FREE for Android and iPhone.

Available for Android

Available for Android