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The purpose of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is to perpetuate, conserve, manage, protect, and enhance South Dakota's wildlife resources, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the people of this state and its visitors, and to give the highest priority to the welfare of this state's wildlife and parks, and their environment, in planning and decisions.

GFP Commission -- Acting within its legislative mandates, the commission serves as the advocate and liaison between the GFP department and it's stakeholders to conserve and enhance our wildlife, parks and related natural resources and to provide opportunities for all citizens and future generations to use and enjoy South Dakota's outdoor heritage.

Division of Wildlife -- Manages South Dakota's wildlife and fisheries resources and their associated habitats for their sustained and equitable use, and for the benefit, welfare and enjoyment of the citizens of this state and its visitors.

Division of Parks and Recreation -- Provides diverse outdoor recreational opportunities, acting as a catalyst for a growing tourism economy and preserving the resources with which we are entrusted. We will accomplish this through efficient, responsive and environmentally sensitive management, and constructive communication with those we serve.