Position - Wildlife Biologist

Class Code: 90212

A. Purpose:

Plans research studies and implements management practices pertaining to habitat, production, distribution, and natural balance to ensure sound management and conservation of fish and wildlife species.

I. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • principles used in the management of wildlife and fish populations,
  • ecology of game and non-game species, and ecological and socio-economic factors affecting habitat and populations;
  • wildlife law and enforcement;
  • interaction among the public, resource management agencies, and wildlife and fisheries resources;
  • physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of lakes, ponds, and streams;
  • state and federal programs affecting wetland drainage and preservation;
  • research, laboratory, and statistical methods as they relate to wildlife and fisheries management;
  • basic principles and terminology of data processing; and
  • principles of effective human relations and dealing with the public.

Ability to:

  • organize and analyze available information and draw sound conclusions;
  • write clearly and concisely and in logical sequence;
  • favorably present and promote departmental priorities, services, and actions;
  • effectively plan and organize work activities and prioritize task completion to meet schedules and deadlines;
  • budget monetary, material, and equipment resources; and
  • communicate effectively.