Position - Conservation Officer

Class Code: 90312

A. Purpose:

Manages wildlife, fisheries, water, and land resources; implements department programs; and enforces laws in an assigned district to conserve and protect fish and wildlife, represent the department to the public, and provide recreational opportunities and public safety.

I. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • the principles and techniques of wildlife and fisheries management including biological concepts of zoology and ecology;
  • federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to conservation of land, fish, and wildlife resources;
  • procedures and techniques for implementing wildlife and fish surveys and collecting field data;
  • hunting, fishing, and trapping;
  • criminal and conservation laws, forensic investigative procedures, and rules of evidence;
  • methodologies of arrest, search and seizure, and use of force;
  • the correct use of English, grammar, and punctuation;
  • the proper use and care of firearms; and
  • motor vehicle and boating safety laws.

Ability to:

  • evaluate habitat, wildlife, and fisheries needs and project long- and short-term management goals and objectives;
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with landowners and the general public;
  • prepare and make presentations and answer questions about wildlife, hunting, fishing, and related topics;
  • assess and control situations where laws have been violated and perpetrators apprehended;
  • communicate sufficiently to decelerate and resolve conflicts in tense situations;
  • interview witnesses and interrogate criminal suspects;
  • use, and qualify with, a variety of defensive weapons and tactics;
  • meet and maintain physical fitness standards;
  • work under arduous conditions; and
  • operate a variety of vehicles and specialty equipment.

J. Licenses and Certificates:

Successful completion of the South Dakota Law Enforcement Officers Standards Training Course and the Game, Fish, and Parks Conservation Officer Field Training Program; semi-annual qualification and training with department-issued firearms and semi-annual qualification in defensive tactics and other required law enforcement training. Valid driver's license.