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Commission meeting archives


november 2012 Commission Meeting

November 1-2, 2012
Madison, Camp Lakodia

Rules Proposed at this Meeting


Division of Administration

Action Items
Approve minutes of the October 3-4, 2012, meeting
Additional Commissioner Salary Days
License List Requests

Information items
License Sales Report

Public comment guidelines

Open Forum

Public Hearing at 2 PM

Fishing Seasons and Limits

Snagging of Paddlefish


Hoop Nets and Setlines

Bait Fish


Special Management Categories

Administrative Rules Reduction

Nonresident Hunting License Fees

Park Entrance License Fee

Camping and Lodge Fees

Camper Unit Definition

Hunting Season Proposals
Spring Turkey Hunting Season

CSP Spring Turkey Hunting Season

Season history information:
Spring Light Goose Hunting Season

Division of Parks and Recreation

Information items
Angostura Concession RFP Update

Angostura Sewer System Update

Angostura and Shadehill Seasonal Cabin/Trailer Annual Fee

Campground Reservation System

Visitation and Revenue Report

Division of Wildlife

Action items
Written Concise Statement for Mountain Lion Season

Mountain Lion Petition for rule change

Trapping Petition for rule change

Information items
Boating Officer of the Year award

Shikar Safari Wildlife Conservation Officer award

Outdoor Campus East activities report

August/September Canada Goose season reports

Fish spearing survey report

Fishing access development projects

Gavins Point Dam boating closure

Commissioner Resigns

Cerny began in 2012 and served as a West River Landowner/Democrat for the Commission; Gov. Daugaard will seek a replacement to fill those qualifications for the remainder of Cerny’s term