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july 2012 Commission Meeting

July 9, 2012

Rules Proposed at this Meeting


Division of Administration

Action Items
Approve minutes of the June 6-7, 2012, meeting
Approve minutes of the June 18, 2012, meeting
Additional Commissioner Salary Days
License List Requests

Information items
License Sales Report

Sheps Canyon Outdoor Recreation Complex development plan

Mountain lion protocol

Comments from the Governor's office

Open Forum

Public Hearing at 10 AM


Antelope Hunting Seasons

East River Deer Hunting Season

Refuge Deer Hunting Season

Early Fall Canada Goose

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Season

Elk License Raffle

Dog Training

Hunting Requirements and Prohibitions

Pet Prohibition Amendment (Big Sioux dog training area)

Sheps Canyon Campground Fee

Emergency Rule: August Management Take season dates and daily bag limit

Hunting Season Proposals
Duck hunting seasons

Goose hunting seasons

Division of Parks and Recreation

Information items
Blood Run updates

Angostura Private Trailer Sewer Project

Campground Reservation Point of Sale System

June Visitation and Revenue Report

Division of Wildlife
Action items

Depredation Hunt Resolutions

Land Acquisition Resolutions

Information items
Rocky Mountain Elk Annual Report

2012-13 Private Shooting Preserves permits

2012 Antler Auction report

Missouri River reservoir fishery update

Elk calf survival study update

Miscellaneous updates